Today the top trends forecaster in the world is giving KWN readers and listeners around the world an exclusive sneak peek at the just-released Spring Trends Journal.

Eric King:  “Gerald, there is so much that’s in this Trends Journal.  But there is a piece in the just-released Spring Trends Journal about ‘going cashless.’  That’s big for the listeners around the world.  Can you talk about that?”

King World News - Gerald Celente Gives Exclusive Sneak Peek At The Just-Released Spring Trends Journal

The Systems Are Breaking Down
Gerald Celente:  Going cashless goes back to exactly what I’m saying now.  The systems are breaking down.  Going ‘cashless’ really means they (the banks) need your money.  So this is all a scam.  And it goes back to this: The entire society is collapsing.  
What they call austerity measures in other countries is going to happen here (in the United States).  But when you have a cashless society, they know every penny that you spend and they want your money — they want it in taxes.  That’s why they are going ‘cashless.’

I just gave you these numbers: $1 trillion in auto debt, $1.3 trillion in college debt, $1 trillion in credit card debt to mirror where it was right back before the Panic of 2008.  And then they want to steal your money when things go down…To continue listening to an exclusive sneak peek at the just-released Spring Trends Journal with top trends forecaster in the world Gerald Celente CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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