Today one of the greats in the business warned investors to expect more chaos in stocks and bonds and also said the gold market will soar to $2,700-$4,000.

US About To Have Negative Interest Rates
May 12 (King World News) – Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:
  While the double top break of 1.32% also suggests a target of negative 40 basis points (on the US 10_Year Treasury). (See below).

US 10-Year Treasury Yields About To Go Negative!

30-Year Treasury Headed To Zero!
Base of the 30+ year channel and double top target. (See below).

US 30-Year Treasury Yields About To Hit Zero!

Gold $2,700-$4,000
Good resistance is met around $1,800 and then $1,912-$1,921. A picture similar to 2008-2011 would suggest at least $2,700+ over time (linear move- Similar percentage move would suggest $4,000+). The daily pattern is now looking increasingly like a bullish triangle and less like a top. (See below).

Billionaire Eric Sprott Buying
To find out which company billionaire Eric Sprott just bought a 12% stake in click here.

2020 Collapse To Accelerate To The Downside
In October 2008 horizontal support yielded a sharp bounce (25% after a 37% fall.) We have just had a 34% bounce after a 41% fall.The subsequent fall took it to the 200 month moving average before another bear market rally. The 200 month moving average is presently at 6,294. In neither instance (so far) was it able to sustain back above the double bottom neckline before falling again. 
 (see below).

WOW: Silver & Copper
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