Look at who said today’s takedown was almost all levered futures selling and gold bears may get their faces ripped off, plus all-time high and more.

Another Day, Another All-time High
August 27 (King World News)
Stock market traders must be having a great time: SPY Optimism Index’s 100 day average is at an all-time high! (See below).

GREED: S&P Index Optimism Hits All-Time High!

Central Bank Insanity Rules
Holger Zschaepitz: 
Biggest experiment in monetary history: Central banks are almost engaged in a battle over who can rumble their printing presses the loudest. SNB and Bank of Japan lead the race. (See below).

Swiss National Bank (RED), Bank of Japan (White) Leading The Race To Print Money

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Another County’s Citizens Are Hoarding Money
Holger Zschaepitz
:  Good Morning from Germany where household savings ratio hit fresh all-time high in Q2. Average wages & salaries per employee fell 4.8% year over year, but thanks to government support the disposable income fell just 0.8% year over year. With private spending down far more steeply, household savings ratio near-doubled to 21%. (See below).

Add Germany To The List Of Countries
Whose Citizens Are Hoarding Money

Gold Bears May Get Their Faces Ripped Off
Fred Hickey:
Gold bears throwing everything they’ve got (during the usual witching hour) in another attempt to break 1920 technical level. Trying to create a “sell the news theme.” However, if they fail (again), their faces may get ripped off. Clearly, this is almost all levered futures selling.

KWN has now released this week’s an audio interview!

***To listen to the timely audio interview that includes price forecasts for gold and silver for the last few months of 2020 click here or on the image below.

Gold Reacts, Fed May Not Like What It Sees
***ALSO JUST RELEASED: Gold Reacts, Fed May Not Like What It Sees

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