Today London whistleblower and metals trader Andrew Maguire told King World News that his contacts in China have warned that something major is brewing in the gold market.

November 25 (King World News) – Andrew Maguire:  “The incentive for China to keep accruing gold assets, related producers, and infrastructure, at a dilutive discount is reaching the point where it may be a disadvantage for China to hold off forcing the gold price reset before Western Central planners do so first. I am talking to my contacts in China and can guarantee that something major is brewing as far as gold is concerned. Having accrued at least twice the unencumbered physical gold tonnage the US ‘claims’ to have, it would serve China well to force a gold price reset to…KWN has now released the powerful audio interview with London whistleblower and metals trader Andrew Maguire and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

***ALSO JUST RELEASED: Whistleblower Andrew Maguire: Western Banks Now Close To Panic – Take Unprecedented Action In Paper Gold & Silver Markets CLICK HERE.


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