Kraken Energy Corp. On The Road To Becoming A Uranium Powerhouse!

KRAKEN ENERGY CORP. – To Learn More About One Of The Premier Up-And-Coming Uranium Companies Play The Fascinating Audio Interview AboveSYMBOL UUSA : CSE & UUSAF : OTCQB!

KRAKEN ENERGY CORP. (CSE: UUSA | OTCQB: UUSAF) is a uranium exploration company focused in the Western United States. The company has also just recently added another very large land package in Nevada. Kraken Energy also now has four people that joined the company from NexGen Energy, which boasts a $2.77 billion market cap.

Kraken Energy has very large insider ownership of 22% by management, directors close associates.

The company has positioned itself in what is believed to be a high-grade zone located very close to critical infrastructure.

To learn more about this powerhouse up-and-coming uranium company play the fascinating audio interview above!

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