The most expensive bribe in history, plus the global panic into cash.

What A Bribe
October 18 (King World News) –
Egon von Greyerz:  When money runs out, like it did in 1971, there is only one way to stay in power: Buy votes. Thus the creation of $90 trillion debt since 1971 has been the most expensive bribery in history…

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Global Panic Into Cash
Holger Zschaepitz:
  Sentiment on stocks & global growth among fund managers surveyed by Bank of America shows full capitulation, opening way to an equities rally in 2023. Cash levels 6.3%, highest since Apr2001, well above long-term avg of 4.8%. Tasty morsels for bear rally (if UST yields stay <4%).

Panic Into Cash

The Current Situation
The Kobeissi Letter:
  Markets right now: 

1. Oil prices falling like a depression is coming
2. Stocks bouncing like the next bull trap is forming
3. VIX trading like we are in a bull market
4. Treasury yields up like inflation is 20%
5. Gold down like inflation is gone 

We are far from the clear…

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Is Gold Really A Dog?
Peter Brandt:
  Everyone knows that Gold is a dog. Just don’t mention that to ppl who live in Australia, the European Union, Canada, Japan or most other countries other than the U.S.

Many Are Questioning The “Gold Is A Dog” Narrative, Including Peter Brandt
Gold In Foreign Currencies – Very Strong Bull Markets

Big Picture
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
Most sectors are more or less flat today. Waiting on USD to show its hand at its possible high. USD does look weak here and ready to give us that extremely overdue yearly cycle decline, which could push up everything. But, in historical macro times now, so let´s see what we get.

US Government Debt (BLUE) Gold Price (ORANGE)

What is clear from this chart, showing US government debt in blue with gold price overlayed in orange, is that: 

– US debt is in a textbook parabolic move
– High correlation
Gold has never dropped very far below the blue line
– The parabolic move is of course unsustainable

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