Here is a look at “The Big Show,’ and gold’s surge to $2,400.

April 17 (King World News) Gregory Mannarino, writing for the Trends Journal:  You want to talk about unprecedented? Ok, let’s do that.

This weekend’s event is being broadcast to the world via the mainstream media outlets as “unprecedented,” (same word being repeated over and over by each of them). Make no mistake, it is certainly no coincidence that every single one of these MSM outlets is using the EXACT SAME WORDING AND THE SAME SCRIPT.

This so-called “unprecedented” event took place over the skies of Israel, and it certainly did put on a spectacular light show! And thankfully, only one reported injury occurred because of this “attack,” a 7-year-old child. 

Arguably Israel’s U.S. funded “Iron Dome” appears to have been a good investment, courtesy of the American people! (From 2011 to 2021, the U.S. contributed a total of US$1.6 billion to the Iron Dome defense system, with another U.S. $1 billion approved by the U.S. Congress in 2022). 

The “success” of not just Israel’s Iron Dome, but also unprecedented and super exciting to see REAL TIME cockpit footage of drones and missiles being shot down by U.S. fighter jets, demonstrated clearly to the people who were watching, just how important it is to continue funding and upgrading the military arsenals of good and truthful nations like Israel, the U.S., and its allies.

The lead up and execution of this event was itself unprecedented.

Broadcast to the world exactly when this big show was going to occur in the week leading up to this event, allowed world stock markets to “price it in.” (In the days just prior to the big show, as one would expect, world stock markets fell under pressure as the U.S. dollar strength increased and cash was seeking “safety” moving into U.S. debt securities)…

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Moreover, and this is standard procedure as to not allow the markets to overreact, the big show was put on AFTER market hours. 

Weekends are their favorite time to carry out these kinds of operations/events, and the reason for that is again, as to not overly upset the markets. 

(If you happen to be a follower of my work on YouTube, we called the start of this event almost to the day). The title of my Friday video was: “ALERT! A MAJOR FALSE FL@G EVENT IS NOW IMMINENT…” The Big Show occurred on the next day, Saturday. 

So, what’s next?

The Big Show proved to the world! That VAST increases in military spending is exceedingly necessary! And if you do not support it, THEN YOU ARE UNPATRIOTIC! Moreover, if you are against massive increases in military spending then you don’t want to protect children. Remember, the only reported injury of the BIG SHOW was a 7-year-old child of Israel. 

One of my calls for 2024 was to, “expect government spending to skyrocket.” But the public must be sold on this idea. And sold they were.

In their latest infomercial, the BIG SHOW, we were sold that We the People must now allow our “government” to spend whatever it deems necessary to keep us safe! And they just wrote themselves a GREAT BIG FAT blank check.

While we are on the subject.

Being that no nation on Earth has a war chest, where is all this now critically needed cash going to come from to arm ourselves as to protect ourselves and our children from evil nations?

Oh yes! It’s going to come directly from central banks! Who are going to just create it out of thin air by adding digits to a screen. Specifically, the Federal Reserve for the U.S. And “The Fed” is ALWAYS more than happy to lend.

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