With the price of silver hitting the highest level since 2013 and gold once again hitting a new all-time high, US dollar troubles continue.

Silver Is On A Roll
August 5
 (King World News)
awrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Société Générale:  Since the Fed’s aggressive balance sheet explosion in March, silver is 133% higher vs. gold’s 40% move.

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US Dollar Troubles Continue
Peter Boockvar:
  With dollar weakness continuing with the dollar index breaking below 93 to the lowest level since May 2018, commodity prices across the board are rallying as we get one step closer to notable inflation and we’ll likely see another rise in inflation expectations today in the TIPS market. The conventional Treasury market has lost its pulse, thanks to the Fed and/or due to VERY muted growth expectations. If you want to buy yourself some protection, look at commodity related stocks. Here is a chart of the CRB index relative to the S&P 500 going back 25 years. Notice the depression in commodity prices relative to stocks.

Commodities Poised To Move Violently Higher vs Stocks

A few ideas, fertilizer stocks, stocks in oil and gas and the service side, and industrial metal stocks, particularly copper. And of course, precious metals and I also like uranium.

More Damage To Standard Of Living
If there ever was going to be a catalyst to get a shift to value stocks from growth it would be P/E multiple compression driven by higher inflation. Economically, lower purchasing power via a weak dollar and higher inflation would also damage the standard of living of our consumer driven economy. The Fed should be really careful with the higher inflation they wish for. Like I’ve said, I really hope I’m wrong on my inflation thesis.

For a 2nd straight week, mortgage apps took a breather after a great run. Purchase applications fell by 1.8% and are now down for the 3rd week in the past 4. They still though remain up a solid 21.5% and we know why. Refi’s dropped by 6.8% w/o/w and the y/o/y gain slowed to 84%. I’ll say this, if you haven’t refi’d yet, what are you waiting for?

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