On the heels of continued chaos around the globe and with many stock markets seeing dramatically increased volatility, today a 40-year market veteran sent King World News a powerful piece that answers the ominous question: Is the madness of the elites pushing the world to the brink?  Below is what Robert Fitzwilson, founder of The Portola Group, had to say in this exclusive piece for King World News.

By Robert Fitzwilson of The Portola Group

December 15 (King World News) – Is The Madness Of The Elites Pushing The World To The Brink?

While many are familiar with Einstein’s famous quote about what World War 4 will look like, it bears repeating.

“I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

With the announcement this weekend of new sanctions against Russia and the provision of funds to rearm Ukraine, the elite have taken new steps toward World War 3. It’s madness, but the people in power keep pushing the world to the brink….

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Einstein lived in an era when the nuclear weapons of war that he dreaded were present and had already been used at the end of World War 2. What none of us could have imagined are the new weapons of war that have emerged since his era. Among them are lasers, drones, miniaturized reconnaissance devices, “dirty bombs” and weaponized diseases (although catapulting deceased and diseased animals over fortified walls in ancient times was a common tactic). Computerized theft of wealth and intellectual property as well as computer viruses such as Stuxnet (first seen in the attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities are additional modern tools for warfare). Disinformation in social media sites and global government surveillance operations are pervasive as well.

The ease and severity of the ongoing computer attacks against Sony Pictures by the North Koreans should be a warning to every government and individual that protecting against such intrusions is probably a lost cause. It was also reported that the Russians recently demonstrated jamming devices never before imagined against a U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea. The story was that all systems, including the weapons systems, were repeatedly disabled by a single aircraft which then staged mock bombing runs on the destroyer to demonstrate the point. The destroyer supposedly was equipped with the most sophisticated systems in the U.S. weapons arsenal.

The Chinese have also been testing a plane that can fly at unheard of speeds. If the plane advances to deployment, it could deliver nuclear weapons in a fraction of the time thought possible. Anti-satellite systems are probably in place by the competing countries as well. Our national electrical grids remain dangerously exposed to the possibility of an electrical magnetic pulse attack (EMP). It was recently suggested that 100 million people could lose power if such an event occurred in the United States.

For the central planners, their weapons of choice include the dreaded derivatives that can manipulate and destroy companies and global markets. Their most favored weapon is wealth confiscation. Among the tools are unrelenting taxes, shakedowns of corporations into forced settlement agreements, and massive, unrestrained creation of fiat currencies and credit. Leasing of gold on deposit for safekeeping, over-hypothecation of that gold, and sometimes even flat out confiscation seen in the case of Ukraine’s gold are also arrows in their quiver. Central bank purchases of stocks, bonds, mortgages and sovereign debt to the tune of tens of $trillions can only be seen as another form of wealth confiscation. It is quite a scam. Truly “money for nothing” as the song goes.

The other weapon that the central planners favor is to create a “crisis”. One is certainly developing in oil. There was a parade of announcements coming from OPEC, the IEA, and government officials that the demand for oil was weak or that the estimates for next year will be down. This weekend, another oil minister suggested that even $40 per barrel would not trigger a supply reduction by OPEC.

If you look at the projected reductions by OPEC and the IEA for next year, the amounts are minuscule, yet the headlines suggest that the sky is falling. Also, unless the OPEC ministers are suicidal in an economic sense, parading out these comments is not what a self-interested person would say, unless there was something else afoot. We believe that there is, and that is a deliberate attack on the U.S. Shale industry.

An implosion in the high-yield debt market triggered by the shale oil industry would spill over into all of the financial markets. Could it be that is the reason that the U.S. Congress hastily added a provision to the new spending bill to transfer hundreds of $trillions of derivatives exposure to the U.S. taxpayer? Something does not smell right, and a contrived crisis could well be in the making.

Since the announcement by OPEC, the 20-Year Treasury has risen by about 4%, gold by 3%, while the major stock indexes have declined by 3%. Light sweet crude dropped by 16%. It is a good sign for precious metals investors that gold and silver are holding up so well. The investor group is small compared to those seeking safety in U.S. Treasuries, but the size could expand rapidly if the precious metals are finally released from their chains. Perhaps the sizable circuit breakers adopted last week by the Nymex and the CME might relate to that. We’ll see.

Oil has been called the “master resource”. Investors need to keep a watchful eye on the sector. Unless economic collapse is around the corner, the dramatic decline in the price will be reversed, generating tremendous upside potential. In the meantime, keep “stacking” the precious metals and the mining shares.

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