Silver may be set for a parabolic spike, plus a gold update and a fascinating email from a KWN reader.

Don’t Risk Losing Your Position
July 14 (King World News)
Fascinating email from KWN reader Bill G:  If, as Sweden’s Graddhy says, gold mining stocks must first climb a wall of worry, so be it.  As for the KWN comment that traders who play this game must have perfect timing, my reaction is “who is perfect?” One is either an investor or a speculator.  If a gold bull market is happening, it would be dumb to risk it by gambling with the tape, a suckers’ game for the naive and gullible. 

The earlier gold bull markets since 1968 saw rally #1 last 1.5 years, #2 about 4.5 years since 2009.  If we assume that since 2016, all things being equal, we are in year #4 of rally #3 today, it won’t peak for another 4 or 5 years.  However, all things are not equal and bubble crashes, excluding precious metals and gold mining stocks, could be coming sooner than expected.  The mining stocks appear to have turned positive and only a self destructive type would go negative now and risk losing their position.

And Speaking of Graddhy
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Looks like my green rounded bottom has turned into a possible green parabola.

Silver May Be Set For Parabolic Short-Term Spike

$1,910 Gold & $22 Silver
James Turk: 
New high close for Comex September silver. It hurdled previous resistance at $18.60-$19 which now becomes support but I don’t expect a retracement to test support just yet. $22 is my next target and $1,910 for Comex Aug gold (see below).

Silver Surge To $22 Should Be Next

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A Big Day For Silver
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