Frustrated silver bulls if you are only going to read one thing today let it be this.

The Big Picture For Silver
March 2 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  Do not get beat down by the declines, or lose interest during them. Understand them, be ready for them. Do not fight the market, use that energy to improve mental balance and emotional control.

And, always know the very big picture.

Big Picture For Silver Is Massive Multi-Decade Cup & Handle Formation That Will Break Decisively Above $50 And When It Does It’s Off To The Races For Silver

King World News note: For those of you accumulating physical silver, use any weakness to continue adding to your hoard. Many of you dollar cost average your purchases of silver and gold. Stay disciplined and continue adding at the exact time each month or quarter. Do not try to get tricky and time the market.

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