As we continue to see volatile trading in the second quarter of 2020, it appears gold may be ready to launch, plus another day another amazing stat.

Shades Of Yesterday
April 8 (King World News) – Jim Bianco, CEO of Bianco Research:
  “Another day another amazing stat… Today the DJIA was up over 4% and closed down on the day. Since 1925 (95 yrs!), up more than 4% and closing down on the day has happened only one other time … Oct 14, 2008 (Treasury Sec Hank Paulson forced the banks to take TARP money). 
The S&P 500 was up 3.5% at the high and closed down on the day. Since April 1982 (daily H,L,C began) has happened three other times…Oct 3, 2008, Oct 14, 2008, and Oct 17, 2008. This market continues to trade like Oct 2008. It was six months and another 25% down before the low.”

The Usual Suspects
Sven Henrich: 
“I see the usual suspects who blasted out high price targets at the beginning of the year are back on TV calling bottoms and making again bullish predictions following a 25% rally off the lows, the very lows they never prepared people for in the first place. 
S&P 500 back to the May 2019 lows. What has improved since then? Nothing. Everything has turned to shit & the Fed has cut rates to zero & is engaged in the biggest rescue operation in its history. From an earnings growth perspective SPX shouldn’t be anywhere near here.

Are Things Really Better Now Than In May 2019?

Copper & Gold
Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank:
  “The Copper (LME) Gold (Spot) ratio trades at a record low just above 3. This was the low point in early 2009 when FED QE and Chinese stimulus started a strong rally in both. Most in copper though with the ratio more than doubling during the following months. (See below).

Copper/Gold Ratio Hits All-Time Low

Chart: Bloomberg

Got Gold?
Fred Hickey: 
“Japan preparing $1 trillion stimulus spending plan, U.S. House Speaker Pelosi says record-shattering $2.2 trillion U.S. spending plan is not enough and is ginning up another $1 trillion in spending – all to be funded with QE money printed out of thin air. Got gold?”

Billionaire Eric Sprott Buying
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Gold May Be Ready To Launch
James Turk: 
“(Reverse) Head & Shoulders pattern developing ok. After hurdling $1,680 gold now taking 1/maybe 2 days breather testing support at $1,680. Next? Short covering before the 4-day weekend putting gold on path to its $1,910 record? More testing support? We’ll soon see. $1,910 by month end is a reasonable target. (See below).

Gold Price May Hit All-Time High In Weeks

Connect The Dots 
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Bullion Bank Troubles
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