With the Dow trying to hold the 25,000 level and the US dollar remaining weak, shades of 1987 foreshadows monster gains for gold and commodities.

Shades Of 1987!

February 21 (King World News) – From Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  Shades of ’87 (among others). Over the past year, stocks have rallied, and the dollar has collapses as the Fed raises rates. That is similar to 1987, but there were also other dates that didn’t lead to nearly such dramatic results. After similar setups, the best-performing asset was commodities….

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SentimenTrader continues:  After the signals, … the CCI Commodity Index soared, showing positive returns over the next 6 months through 2 years every time, with impressive average returns. Over the next two years, its average risk of -2.3% was swamped by the average reward of +33.2%.

Gold Up 56.8% 2 Years Later! Huge Gains For Commodities!

The Bottom Line
King World News note:  This is an incredibly bullish signal for gold and commodities over the medium- to long-term.  If you are on a dollar cost average physical gold and silver purchase program, do not get cute and try to time the market.  Simply make your purchases at the same time every month or every quarter.  For those who are accumulating shares of high-quality mining companies, use bouts of extreme weakness to add to positions and be patient.  Time is now firmly on the side of the bulls and against the bears.

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