Today Agnico Eagle CEO, Sean Boyd, told King World News that this catalyst may send the price of gold way higher than what is being quoted today.

December 11 (King World News) – Sean Boyd, Vice-Chairman & CEO of Agnico Eagle:  “We could see significant inflation, and significant inflation drives the gold price way up. Not that we say we need an extremely high gold price well higher than where we are now to get these (mining) equities going — you don’t. In Agnico’s particular case, last year in Canadian dollars we were $117. I think today we are (just below) $61. So we’re only $300 off the all-time high (for gold), which is only 15% or so higher from where the gold price is today and…to continue listening to Sean Boyd’s powerful interview where he discusses why gold will hit new all-time highs and exactly how he expects the mining stocks will trade in the new year CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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