With the gold and silver markets near the end of their consolidation, this is the big problem for the shorts in the gold market.

Never Short This Kind Of Market
October 23 (King World News) – Eric King: 
“There’s a saying on the short side which is ‘You never want to short a dull market.’ And certainly the gold market has been quite dull as it has consolidated in that $1,900-$1,920 band, which represents the area of the $1,923 breakout above that 2011 high. And so we’ve had this perfect consolidation around that level, but the tape jerks traders around. And investors have to be careful when they are bored and they trade but there is no basis for the trades. Instead, you have to pick your spot for an upside breakout and buy into that because it will save you a lot of money rather than just churning in a dull market like this.”

A Very Bullish Change In The Gold & Silver Markets
James Turk: 
“Yes, that’s exactly right and it’s a very good adage, ‘Never short a dull market.’ And it’s very dull because if you look at the volume the volume has been declining in addition to prices being in a very, very narrow, tight trading range. But there has been something very subtle that’s happened over the past couple of weeks even though gold and silver haven’t done much…to continue listening to what has changed that is very bullish for gold and silver CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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