A technical issue has been resolved which briefly held up publishing. We apologize for the delay. Here is a look at the remarkable increase in the gold price and the miners that is on the way.

Below are a few fantastic charts from Ronald Stoferle at Incrementum AG.

46-Year chart shows long-term benefits of saving in gold


Really big move in gold is still in front of us!


About the mining shares…


The bottom line is that gold and particularly the mining shares are going to have remarkable gains in the coming years…

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Here is one final chart from Stoferle that highlights the opportunity available to investors in the mining shares right now.

Cash flow matters!


Stoferle also noted: “A clearly positive trend is detectable in terms of operating earnings…Last year the gold mining companies in the index generated free cash flows totaling $4.8 billion, which exceeded the previous record high of 2011.”  

The chart above shows all-time record cash flows from mining companies that comprise the HUI and yet the HUI is roughly 70% lower than it was in 2011. That is how irrational things have become in the gold and silver sector, but it will not be a state of permanence. The purpose of the psychological warfare conducted in the paper markets is to keep people away from gold and silver and also to get them to sell. For what it’s worth, the public seems to finally be capitulating as there is a great deal more retail selling of physical gold and silver vs buying. As a contrarian indicator this is a very good sign. Only the strongest of hands will remain invested after this final shakeout is complete and the next leg higher in the advance commences. Patience is all that is required at this point.

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