Japan’s Nikkei stock market plunged 3.5 percent and China’s Shanghai stock market tumbled more than 3.2 percent, while China’s other stock market, the Shenzhen Index, collapsed nearly 4.5 percent.  

King World News - Top Global Money Manager Says Gold Is Now In A Historic Bull Market

Weak Stock Markets Accelerates Flight To Gold
There was weakness elsewhere in Asian stock markets and this sent money flowing into the gold market as gold surged on worries that global stock markets may finally get hit hard.

And Japan’s Nikkei Is In Real Danger
If Japan’s Nikkei breaks down, their stock market could plunge more than 1,100 points very quickly (see chart below).

KWN Fitzpatrick IV 6:13:2016

The charts below are from top Citi analyst, Tom Fitzpatrick.  First, look at the chart of the S&P 500, which Fitzpatrick noted had an inverted hammer highlighted in red (see chart below).  This should be accompanied by further weakness in the S&P 500.

KWN Fitzpatrick II 6:13:2016

Also, below you can see the chart of the VIX, which posted a bullish outside week (see below).  This would indicate a sharp rise in the VIX is coming along with significant further downside action in the S&P 500.

KWN Fitzpatrick I 6:13:2016

And below you can see the chart of the U.S. 10-Year yield, which breached supports.  This signals further upside in the bond markets and a further drop in yields.  This would also correspond to further weakness in global stock markets (see below).

KWN Fitzpatrick III 6:13:2016

If market turmoil unfolds, it will be very interesting to see how gold and silver trade, especially if global stock markets accelerate to the downside.

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