Today James Turk told King World News that another banking crisis will launch the gold and silver markets higher in the weeks and months ahead.

February 12 (King World News) – James Turk:  A big factor this year, Eric, will be counterparty risk. When the interest rates start rising, which is what’s happening now, the banks start to look shaky, and that creates a financial crisis like we had in 2008. And these financial crises recur time and time again, and usually it’s a few years in between them. But it’s the structure of the banking system that is inherently fragile. That creates this volatility. And when you have that volatility people start worrying about preserving their wealth. When you own physical precious metals you don’t have counterparty risk. That’s going to become increasingly important and will increase the demand for both gold and silver in the weeks and months ahead. So my outlook for this year is…to continue listening to James Turk discuss his outlook for gold and silver in the coming weeks, months and years CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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