The reflation trade is back on and one of the greats in the business just said, “Silver is my favorite asset in the world right now.”

The Reflation Trade Is Back On
May 18 (King World News) – Peter Boockvar: 
The reflation trade is on today on further hopes of a better global economy as things reopen and covid counts continue to decline. WTI is back above $30, copper is higher by 2.2%, silver is up for a 3rd straight day, up 3.6% today and up 13% over the 3 days.

The Silver Breakout Surge Continues

Aluminum, nickel and zinc are each up around 1% and gold is (was before pulling back) higher by almost the same amount…

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Silver Is My Favorite Asset In The World Right Now
Platinum is jumping by 5.3% and iron ore is higher by 3.5%. Silver in particular is my favorite asset in the world right now. I also like oil and believe the negative prices we saw recently is what bottoms are made of. BN is reporting today that

“Chinese oil demand is all but back to levels last seen before Beijing imposed a national lockdown to fight the coronavirus outbreak, according to people with inside knowledge of the country’s energy industry.”

Inflation Is Coming
China is the 2nd largest oil buyer outside of the US. I continue to believe that inflation will follow this self imposed deflationary period and if right, longer term interest rates won’t be staying so low.

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