After the recent weakness in the gold market, this was sent to KWN.

The Big Picture
The chart below was sent to KWN by one of our global readers, Kevin W., who stated, 
“Starting to look like inning 4 of a 9 inning game.”

42-Year Gold Chart Shows Quarterly MACD Buy Signal


The chart above shows the quarterly MACD giving a buy signal on the 42-year gold chart. That simply confirms what KWN has already been saying for some time now, that the mid-cycle correction in the secular bull market in gold has ended…

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$8,500+ Gold
If the price of gold follows a similar path as the 1970s bull market after its mid-cycle correction ended, the price of gold will surge to $8,500+ in a few years.  That would mean Kevin W. is correct when he says this is only “inning 4 of a 9 inning game.”

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