With the war in the gold and silver markets continuing to rage, today a 50-year market veteran warned the world is headed once again for another 2008-style collapse.

John Embry:  “Eric, it certainly has been an ugly couple of weeks in the precious metals space, with platinum being abused as much or more than gold and silver.  I thought Andrew Maguire did an excellent job in explaining the action in his KWN interview on Friday…

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John Embry continues:  “And when you juxtapose Maguire’s interview with the interviews KWN did with Pierre Lassonde and Stephen Leeb, where they explained the fundamentals for enormous price increases in gold and silver, it clearly demonstrated once again what an incredible opportunity there is for investors to acquire whatever physical gold and silver they can at these prices.

And I emphasize physical because those who own paper gold and silver instruments will end up in tears.  Unfortunately the average person who reads and listens to nothing but mainstream blather on the subject doesn’t have a clue as to what is unfolding and is going to miss the historic mania in the metals that is still to come.

2008-Style Collapse On The Horizon
Also, I remain fascinated by the misinformation coming from official sources with respect to the economy.  The recent housing numbers were many, many standard deviations above where they should have been, and a lot of the supposed strength in the sector is primarily attributable to horrible lending standards that appear to be repeating the same process that proceeded the 2007 – 2008 collapse.

KWN Pento V 3:1:2015

However, as bad as the lending standards might be in the housing sector, they are dwarfed by what is occurring in the auto sector.  The length of loans is now stretched out to 7 years in many cases, and unlike housing, the value of the collateral falls rapidly.  This puts many loans offside almost instantaneously.  This is going to end very badly, and I’m afraid in the not-too-distant future we might be referring to 2007 – 2008 debacle as the good old days.

I still believe that the U.S. authorities remain very concerned about an eventual dollar crisis or outright collapse for that matter.  The amount of foreign selling of U.S. Treasuries has picked up noticeably this year.  And as I mentioned last week, the petrodollar status, which has been an enormous source of demand for nearly half a century, is now in serious jeopardy.  There is no reason for a rate hike, so the government has to create fictional numbers in order to support the concept and keep foreign investors in the dollar.

KWN Embry I 6:1:2016

Venezuela Disintegrating Into Mayhem
In closing, I have been reading some horrifying articles on Venezuela in the last few days.  They suggest that the system is on the brink of collapse.  It is a classic case of an extreme socialist philosophy, which has unfortunately run out of money, and this is creating unbearable hardship for a vast portion of the public.

Now one minor negative for gold in the very short-term is the fact that the Venezuelans are having to sell some of their gold reserves due to a distinct lack of foreign reserves.  In a positive sense at least in their case they have some gold, unlike many Western countries including my home country Canada, whose cupboards are now bare.”

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