Peter Boockvar On China’s Yuan Devaluation And A Bonus Piece About How A Major Turn In A Key Currency Will Impact Gold & Silver

On the heels of more turmoil in the currency markets, particularly in the Chinese yuan, today one of the greats in the business sent King World News a note from Peter Boockvar on the harsh reality of China’s devaluation of the yuan. There is also a bonus piece about how a major turn in a key currency will impact gold and silver.

Is The Price Of Gold Really Headed To $20,000?

With everyone focused on the devaluation of the Chinese yuan and the subsequent chaos in global markets, today King World News thought it was a good idea to take a step back and look at the big picture of the war between gold and the Federal Reserve. This led to a remarkable question: Is the price of gold headed to $20,000?

Forget Hindenburg Omen And Death Cross – This Alarming Event Just Happened For The 5th Time In History And The Other 4 Times The Stock Market Collapsed More Than 33%!

Forget the “Hindenburg Omen” and “Death Cross,” because today King World News is sharing a powerful piece that warns we have just seen an event that has only happened 4 other times in history, and each time the stock market has proceeded to collapse by more than 33 percent. This piece also includes 2 illustrations that all KWN readers around the world must see.