Today Nomi Prins, the keynote speaker who recently addressed the Federal Reserve, IMF and the World Bank, warned King World News about when the real implosion begins where we will see a total global collapse.

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Time Is Running Out

Eric King:  “Nomi, we’ve seen this kicking-the-can down the road in Europe and the United States — it’s been going on for a long time.  We had the collapse of 2000 – 2002 rescued by money printing, and again in 2008 – 2009.  But they just keep pushing and pushing until eventually the house of cards collapses.  Are we nearing that moment?”

Nomi Prins:  “We’re in the moment right now where this is coming to a head.  That’s why we’ve seen this activity to the downside in markets and that’s why we see these 500 – 1,000 point intraday swings in markets.  Those are all signs of turning from this artificially stimulated bull market into a bear market…

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“Now in terms of an actual full implosion where the markets crash, that will take some time because this money printing machine, which is now global, is going to continue to have some prop-up value in the markets, even though it is not real economic growth that is driving any of this.  It’s all bubbles predicated on this monetary policy that central banks are engaged in, so I think we are going to continue to have heightened volatility to the downside and increased tension because of that throughout the globe.”

Eric King:  “But we do reach a point where the markets don’t respond positively to the money printing — they tank and the money printing no longer works.  What kind of a world will that be?”

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This Is When The Real Collapse Starts

Nomi Prins:  “That’s when the implosion happens.  In that situation we awake in a world which is a world you and I know exists but that has been camouflaged by these policies and artificially fabricated to look better than it is.  That’s when markets start to collapse.  That’s when corporate and credit derivative spreads start to blow out.  That’s when loans start to default.  All of that is what happens when these policies that have not actually grown anything, that have not helped economic longevity and stability, run out.”

Eric King:  “Egon von Greyerz has talked in the past about the massive leverage that exists (in the global financial system).  The stunning leverage at the Swiss National Bank — it’s far larger than the Swiss government.  I have no idea when that starts to unravel what the Swiss government will do because the SNB is too big for them to bail out.  And we have the massive leverage at Deutsche Bank (and other banks).  We saw a partial seizure of the financial system in 2008 – 2009, but when the system seizes up this time and the central banks (and the banking systems) are bigger than these governments and nothing can be done to save system — that’s what you’re talking about (the total implosion of the global financial system), isn’t it?”

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Nomi Prins:  “That’s when liquidity dies.  That’s when credit seizes by more than it did during the last financial crisisYou can continue listening to this powerful audio interview with Nomi Prins that has just been released, where she discusses the coming financial destruction that is in front of us, what is going to make the price of gold skyrocket, what investors can do to protect themselves and much more by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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