As we head into the tail end of 2014, today an acclaimed money manager spoke with King World News about the historic trading in the gold, silver, and oil markets.  Stephen Leeb also discussed a mystery buyer who propped up the gold market and took on and eventually crushed all paper shorts after Sunday’s vote in Switzerland.

Leeb:  “What caught my attention was the trading in the gold market on Sunday evening (early Asian trading).  This trading followed the huge fall in oil and oil stocks on Friday.  It also followed the no vote in Switzerland.  But after gold’s initial decline on Sunday evening, gold just straight-lined for what seemed like 6 hours.  Some entity was in there buying every ounce of gold that was being offered for sale….

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“And that entity continued to buy every ounce of gold available until the gold market then began to reverse course and rally in a huge way.  This rally was happening even with what seemed like every possible negative news item in place.  So the gold market surprised many people.

And in the midst of the plunge in oil prices, China has ramped up their purchases and is storing the excess crude anywhere they can.  China has also begun doing military drills with Iran and they strengthening their relationship with Saudi Arabia.

At the same time, India’s leader, Modi, has decided to invest in Russia’s energy industry.  This is a huge slap in the face of the United States for Modi to be negotiating with Russia.  So what you are seeing here, Eric, is a coalescing of the East.  And for what it’s worth, China is getting what it wants.  They are getting a strong Eastern bloc and a Silk Road, plus Germany, together.

What the Chinese now have to demonstrate is that they can protect Saudi Arabia.  This has been America’s strong suit — their military and their ability to protect the flow of Saudi oil.  I mentioned earlier about the Chinese and Iranians conducting joint military exercises.  Well, the Saudis must feel, with ISIS staring at them, that China, Russia, and Iran, will be able to protect them.  That’s a really big deal because it allows the Saudis to turn their back on the United States and side with China.

The other thing that China has to demonstrate is that their monetary system is transparent.  So China has announced they are going to start insuring yuan deposits in their banks.  All of this is making the Saudis look at Russia and China and the way they are conducting their energy trading in yuan, not dollars.  Soon the Saudis will look to trade their energy with China for yuan or a combination of yuan and gold.  Once China reveals how much gold they really have, they will sew up total hegemony in the East. 

There is very little doubt that this is the game being played.  This is why you are not seeing gold crumble right now, because it’s looking ahead to a point of inflection.  And I strongly believe that it was the Chinese who were the mystery entity buying every single ounce of gold available in early Asian trading on Monday.  The Chinese want the gold.  So we are now on the cusp of very big things happening and all of it will be to the benefit of gold.

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