On the heels of global troubles intensifying, today one of the greats just warned that the world is now heading into “a perfect storm.”

Overcoming Resistance
John Embry:  “Eric, I must say that we have a much better tone to the gold and silver markets since we last spoke.  They overcame massive resistance from the usual suspects to post impressive gains on both Friday of last week and Monday of this week…

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Manipulators Hard At Work
John Embry continues:  
On Friday, as gold was challenging to break through the critical resistance in the $1,300 area, some non-profit motivated seller sold over 20,000 contracts in roughly 2 minutes on the Comex, knocking the gold price back $12.  To put that in perspective, some party sold over 2 percent of annual gold mine production in 2 minutes.  That’s ridiculous.

However, gold’s rapid bounce back from a quiet August Friday indicates to me that the market is definitely changing character.  On Monday, gold came out of the box strong, somewhat unusual in comparison to many recent Monday’s when the anti-gold Cartel put pressure on the price in order to diffuse any emerging excitement.  From Friday’s Comex close to Monday’s, the price of gold rose by over 1.3 percent.  By itself that is relatively impressive, but this rise occurred in spite of an increase in open interest of some 23,000 contracts, representing a notional 2.3 million ounces of gold.  Any other commodity facing this sort of selling pressure would have buckled, indicating just how strong the gold and silver markets are in the process of becoming.  

The long-term charts for both are extremely impressive and could ultimately support massive upward moves.  In addition, gold and silver have never been cheaper in relation to the amount of money and credit in existence globally.  Having said that, the price of gold is down $12 from today’s high, and silver is off 30 cents from its high, so the West is fighting this advance with everything they have left in the chamber.

King World News - Gold Will Stand Tall When The Next Global Financial Crisis Unfolds“A Perfect Storm”
But what is important here is the fact that the annual mine production of gold and silver are in the early stages of a multi-year decline due to the uneconomic prices that have been in effect for several years.  Sentiment, particularly in North America, remains subdued to put it mildly.  In addition, conditions economically, financially, and geopolitically, continue to gradually erode around the globe.  So
 this is essentially a perfect storm forming for explosive upward moves in gold and silver.  However, to the extent possible, the anti-gold Cartel — the BIS, Western governments, central banks and their bullion banks allies — will move Heaven and earth to resist this development.  They will ultimately fail due to the shrinking physical inventories of gold and silver in the world, mounting demand in many countries, particularly the Eastern hemisphere, and a deteriorating picture globally in all respects.  But they will fight to the last bullet because they know better than anyone what is coming in the wake of their actions over the past 30 years.

I would strongly recommend that KWN readers and listeners re-read Egon von Greyerz’s tour de force that was published on King World News over the weekend, which brilliantly described the true state of the gold market and the rapidly weakening position of those who have suppressed the prices of gold and silver in the past 6 years.  Time is growing short, so prescient investors should waste no time in acquiring physical gold and silver as well as the equities of the high-quality companies that mine them.” Also, King World News just interviewed billionaire Eric Sprott who discussed skyrocketing silver and much more and you can listen to the remarkable KWN audio interview with billionaire Eric Sprott by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.


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