Fasten your seatbelts in 2022! Here is a look at what to expect from stock, gold, silver and more.

What Recovery?
December 13 (King World News) – 
Stephanie Pomboy: 
Here, folks, is your economic “recovery”

A “Recovery” Built Purely On Debt & Money Printing

This Can’t Be Good
Julien Bittel, global hedge fund manager: 
Japan Machine Tool Orders has long been a favorite lead indicator of mine and it peaked in May… It’s a reliable barometer of global industrial activity with a long history. But… there are leads, & then there are leads of leads: China

Fasten your seatbelts in 2022.

Reliable Japan Machine Tool Orders Rolling Over

Global Industrial Activity Will Plunge With It!

Silver vs S&P 500
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
This long standing chart broke out above blue line with silver’s huge move back in July 2020. This chart gives comfort in that it is still very, very early. And that it will be glorious. The blue backtest looks done.

Silver’s Bull Market Will Be Glorious!

Tech Bubble 2.0
Otavio Costa:  The median P/E ratio of the top 10 largest stocks in the US is now as high as it was at the peak of the Tech Bubble. 37x.

Tech Bubble 2.0 In Full Swing As P/E ratios Hit 37!

Paper Gold Shorts May Be In Trouble
Fred Hickey:
  Seemingly every AM in recent months a similar pattern. After gold rises overnight (real physical buying in Asia), as soon as NY futures open at 8AM gold gets sold by paper (derivatives -futures & options selling) traders. Paper traders’ (false) argument: Fed tightening’s bad for gold…

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Fed tightening (steep rate hikes) in last two gold bull markets (1970s & 2000s) led to sharply HIGHER gold prices because Fed was always behind the curve and real rates were negative (or close). But the paper-pushing (mostly hedge funds’) moment of truth approaches with Wed. FOMC

Hedge funds have been positioning for a breakdown in the gold price for some time and Fed will give them everything they want: accelerated tapering, more “dot plot” rate hike predictions and hawkish commentary. If they can’t break gold, then the paper pushers will be in trouble.

One problem the hedge fund bears have: Fed’s hawkishness has been well telegraphed. Another: Managed Money (hedge funds) are uncannily wrong (often spectacularly so) at tops and bottoms. They’re most long at tops and short at bottoms and currently their net gold positions are low.

One last major problem for gold bears: To protect against massive Central Bank debasement, heavy physical gold buying by Asians, Europeans who remember Weimar (Germans & others), Russians and Central Banks around the world will ultimately overwhelm their levered paper trades (they own no physical gold).

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