As we kickoff trading in the second week of December, here is a major update for the CRB, gold and silver, plus a big surprise for short term rates.

Expect Lower Interest Rates
December 9 (King World News) – Tom McClellan:  “The FOMC might not agree, and it is admittedly hard to see this given the strong jobs numbers on Friday, but short term rates have a lot longer to fall according to this 10-month leading indication. (See below).

Fed Is Wrong (As Usual): Short Term Rates Have A Lot Longer To Fall

Major CRB Breakout Coming
Graddhy out of Sweden:  “Now back right below my pink inverse h&s neckline. Breakout is coming soon. A said since Feb 2016 – we are in for inflation, not deflation. (See below).

CRB Very Close To Key Upside Breakout

Graddhy out of Sweden:  “It is looking very similar to the previous ICL (Intermediate Cycle Low) bottoming. EMA30 weekly held during the recent bull markets so a wick (thin zone below) down to EMA30 for an undercut low next (Fed) week to mark the ICL (Intermediate Cycle Low) is quite possible. If so, it would match the previous IC (Intermediate Cycle) in length. (See below).

Gold Remains Vulnerable Until Solid Breakout Above Descending Blue Line

Graddhy out of Sweden:  “Silver is now very close to four important support levels; support line of my blue falling wedge, fib 61.8, neckline extension from my pink double bottom plus MA200. These support levels are starting to act like a magnet here so maybe we will have to see it go there. (See below).

Silver Near 4 Important Support Levels
Remains Vulnerable Until Solid Breakout Above Descending Blue Line

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