This just hit the lowest level in 8 years, keeping the bubbles alive, the FedEx signal, a look at gold, plus what’s wrong with this picture?

Lowest Level In 8 Years
September 19 (King World News) – 
Peter Boockvar:  “As seen in the NY survey earlier this week, the 6 month business outlook for Philly was the soft spot, falling to 20.8 from 32.6 and that is below the 6 month average of 25.3 and near the lowest level in 8 years. (See below).

Philly Manufacturing Index Plunges Near Lowest Level In 8 Years

What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Ronnie Stoferle:
  Values considered important (by generation):

Values Considered Important By Generation

Keeping The Bubbles Alive Takes Global Central Bank Coordination
Charlie Bilello:

Fed: easing
ECB: easing
BOE: easing
BOJ: easing
Denmark: easing
Australia: easing
Brazil: easing
Russia: easing
India: easing
China: easing
Hong Kong: easing
Korea: easing
Indonesia: easing
South Africa: easing
Turkey: easing
Mexico: easing
Philippines: easing
Thailand: easing

Rebel Norway
Jeroen Blokland: 
“Norway continues to be a central bank ‘outlier’ as Norges Bank raises rates again. (See below).

Rebel Norway Continues To Increase Interest Rates

The FedEx Signal
The Daily Shot:
  “Chart: FedEx sending a signal on the economy – (see below).

FedEx Sending A Signal About US Economy

Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at SaxoBank: 
“Hawkish rate cut from the FOMC sends gold looking for support again. So far it’s finding it. Lots of questions for Powell next (see below).

So Far Gold Is Finding Decent Support Below $1,500

Fed Rate Cuts And QE? Plus When It’s OK For Bears To Fight The Fed
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