One of the greats in the business, Louis Gave, of GaveKal Research warned this will have dramatic consequences for the world and global markets.

A Global Game-Changer
February 23 (King World News) – “In recent weeks, the US dollar has rallied, emerging markets have been strong and gold seems to be breaking out to the upside. That is an unusual combination… Most provocatively, as the US-China trade talks get critical, he wonders if China is gearing up to accept a one-off revaluation of the renminbi, which would have dramatic consequences for the global economy and markets.” — Louis Gave, GaveKal Research  KWN has now released one of the greatest audio interviews ever with Bill Fleckenstein and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

***Also just released: Bill Fleckenstein’s Outstanding Comments On The Gold & Silver Sector CLICK HERE TO READ.

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