This is another huge gold and silver bull catalyst. Last time this signal was triggered the US dollar quickly collapsed 15% and gold surged 14%, but the big surprise was silver.

The Big Silver Surprise
August 18 (King World News) – The last time this US dollar warning signal was triggered after a lengthy rally in the dollar was 12/31/2002. Just 12 months later the US dollar had collapsed nearly 15% while the price of gold surged 14%. But the big winner was the price of silver which skyrocketed over 26%!

US Dollar Just Broke Below 7-Year Average After A Multi-Year Rally For The First Time Since 12/31/2020.
US Dollar Then Plunged Nearly 15% In 12 Months, And 21% In 24 Months
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Billionaire Eric Sprott Buying
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US Dollar Tumbles, Gold Surges Back Above $2,000
US Dollar Tumbles, Gold Surges Back Above $2,000, But Here Is The Really Big Problem

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