Here is a look at the key to the gold market and Gerald Celente issuing a new trend forecast regarding inflation.

October 27 (King World News) – 
Fred Hickey:  Over past month, gold’s rallied nearly $60 to break above its 200-day moving average and get back above $1,800 without a lick of help from US investors. Not a single day of inflows into GLD during this rally (15 tons of net outflows), and no help from hedge funds. All from overseas buyers.

Overseas Physical Buyers Propelling Rally In Gold

Key Break Is $1,837
That could change soon as I’m told certain hedge funds are beginning to take notice of gold’s strength – assuming gold can hold $1,800+ here. Get over the $1,837 level (major resistance) and there will be a flood of buying. GLD inflows typically lag and that will add to the buying surge…

Billionaire Eric Sprott bought a 20% stake in a mining company
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Inflation Rising, Not Temporary
Gerald Celente: 
On 22 October, a measure of investors’ outlook for inflation notched its worst mark since 2012.

The 10-year breakeven rate gauges what investors think a rate of return would have to be to match inflation over the next decade.

Last week, the rate rose to 2.64, according to Federal Reserve Economic Data.

The breakeven rate is calculated by comparing the difference in yields between nominal treasury securities and treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS).

The two securities will yield the same return if the average annual inflation rate matches the gap between the two over a specific period of time, usually 10 years.

The breakeven rate rose after the U.S. labor department reported that inflation ran at 5.4 percent in September, compared to a year earlier.

Investors had expected inflation to ease in coming months as knots in supply chains untangle, factories restock raw materials, and more goods reach consumers.

However, many now are darkening their outlook as energy prices spike, rents and home prices continue to rise, and the job market tightens, The Wall Street Journal reported.

During the first two weeks of this month, a net $2.1 billion flowed into funds focused on TIPS, according to data service Refinitiv, the most in two months, compared to $1.7 billion leaving taxable bond funds during the same time…

With surface samples as high as a staggering 300,000
grams of silver, this company is looking to make
one of the largest silver discoveries in history!

U.S. Federal Reserve officials have begun to admit that inflation has been stronger and more persistent than they had expected (see related story in this issue) and that the central bank is likely to boost interest rates next year.

However, the Fed does not expect current inflation to become a long-term factor in the economy, Fed chair Jerome Powell has said several times.

Raising interest rates curtails borrowing, which slows consumer spending. Less spending puts less upward pressure on prices but also throttles back economic growth.

As long ago as 4 August, 2020, we warned in our “Global Economic Trends” section that supply-chain disruptions would lead to inflation and that those disruptions would make inflation a long-term problem (“Consumer Prices Rise in July,” 18 Aug 2021).

Shortages of essential items and kinks in the supply chain will hold higher inflation in place through next spring and at least until the middle of 2022.

As those crimps loosen, demand will surge for materials that have been in short supply for months, giving inflation new fuel for at least a few additional months.

And, we maintain our forecast that rising inflation will force the U.S. Fed to raise interest rates, and the more they raise them the deeper the economy and equity markets will sink. 

And since the central banksters are members of the government crime syndicate, to support their president-in-charge, they will lower rates in the prelude to the 2024 Presidential Election to boost the economy and equity markets to enhance his chances for re-election… if he is still alive and/or has any brains left in his head.

Also of importance…

BIG NEWS: 211 Metres Of 20.36 Grams Per Tonne Gold At New Discovery!
K92 Mining, one of the highest-grade gold producers in the world, just reported 211 metres at 20.36 grams per tonne of gold along development at a new vein system called Judd. This is very significant for several reasons:

#1) 2nd big discovery in 4 years at their Kainantu Gold Mine, and the first one, Kora received the 2021 PDAC Award for Best Global Discovery.
#2) Mineralization is similar to Kora, it’s next to Kora, works through the same mill and mining is planned for this quarter.
#3) Exploration is just scratching the surface.

John Lewins, CEO and Director of K92 Mining:

“While exploration at Judd is still in its early days, it is not only open along strike to the south and north, up-dip and down-dip, but also has at least four known veins, a known strike length of +2.5km that is sparsely drilled and similar mineralization to Kora. Importantly, vectors to the south, including extensive artisanal mining on surface and shallow historical high-grade intersections are very promising.”

Mr. Lewins, also added:

“…exploration activities at Judd will be rapidly expanding imminently. By early November, we plan to have at least two-thirds of our underground drill rigs on Judd… Activities at Judd South are also planned, with surface mapping and sampling underway…”

K92 Mining, symbol KNT in Canada and KNTNF in the US.

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