Today a legendary trader and investor, who recently called the bottom in the U.S. stock market with remarkable precision, gave King World News a stunning interview where he laid out exactly how Russian leader Vladimir Putin is about to rock the gold, oil, and currency markets.  Victor Sperandeo has been in the business 45 years, and has worked with famous individuals such as Leon Cooperman and George Soros.  Below are the warnings and predictions issued by Sperandeo.

Sperandeo:  “Eric, these days technical analysis is not as important as what the Fed is going to do.  What the Fed does is everything because we are in centrally planned markets.  What I am saying is that the Fed manipulates everything and that’s what counts….

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“But there are some technical things that are worth watching.  The advance/decline line, or what some people refer to as the ‘breadth figures,’ is one of them.  I have been watching the advance/decline line for 45 years.  What we have seen very recently is a string of moves to new all-time highs, with non-confirmations in the advance/decline line, and that has technical significance. 

Also, there was a conference in Paris last week, and Fed officials Janet Yellen and William Dudley spoke at that conference.  They both warned of coming stock market turbulence.  I haven’t heard clarity like that from the Fed in six years.  Basically they were saying that the shift to higher interest rates in the United States was going to create a hell of a lot of turbulence in U.S. markets.

I have to hand it to the Fed because, so far, they really have orchestrated an amazing feat of keeping the markets up, while allowing people to sell and get out.  I would have never guessed five years ago that a small handful of people could orchestrate this.”

Sperandeo added:  “Eric, if we look at the day the commodity markets topped, it was April 29, 2011.  That’s when silver made its high and when the Dow Jones Commodity Index made its high.  Gold later topped in September of that same year.

We started to see strength in the dollar after commodities topped.  The stronger dollar has led to increased weakness in the gold market.  But gold is now making a bottom and the U.S. dollar is making a high.  Having said that, the Dollar Index could go as high as 92 (currently just under 88).

Also, the Russian ruble is down 38 percent since June.  That’s a massive tumble in a currency in a matter of months.  But if Putin decides to start accepting payment in other any other major currency, that would really put pressure on the U.S. dollar and the dollar would fall and the gold market would rally.  So if Putin wants gold to rally and oil to rally, that’s all he has to do.  He just has to say, ‘Pay me in anything but the dollar,’ and that would eliminate the middleman and reverse these key markets in dramatic fashion.

KWN - Sperandeo - Putin HS - 11.13.2014 

So we have to watch what Putin and Russia are doing geopolitically, and what he is going to do about collecting payment for the energy Russia sells.  My sources tell me that Putin is simply waiting for the cold weather to hit Europe (which we are starting to see now) before he announces price increases and really puts pressure on the European Union.  So to a large degree, world currency markets, metals markets, and energy markets, are in the hands of Putin, and the question is, when will he make his move and strike a blow against the West?”

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