As we move through what promises to be an extremely rowdy month of trading in July, it’s like magic, plus this remarkable chart tells you all you need to know about the gold market right now.

“The inflation free world reaches new asset price highs every day.” — Sven Henrich

Remarkable Chart On Gold
July 4 (King World News) – The chart below was sent to KWN by Ivan Bebek, whose company Auryn Resources has been one of the top performing gold exploration companies in the world for 2019: 

PREPARE FOR ANOTHER GOLD LIFTOFF: 40 Year Seasonal Chart Shows Major Buy Signal On Gold At The End Of July That Triggers The Largest Move On An Annual Basis (See Green Arrow Below)

BUCKLE UP: Last Time Gold Surged $140
King World News note:  The last time Bebek sent KWN a chart showing a major buy signal on gold was on May 29. What happened?  The price of gold went straight up $140 immediately after King World News published it.

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