During this period of orchestrated volatility in the metals markets, King World News continues to focus on the big picture for gold and silver for its readers across the globe.

HUI Gold Mining Stocks vs Arca Energy Fund
September 26 (
King World News) – 
Graddhy out of Sweden: This chart has turned inside the massive blue triangle for the last time.

Commodity Bull Market Has Just Begun!

Oil sector led the commodities baby bull move up from the bear low in 2020. 

Chart says it is now time for precious metals to shine…

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Big Picture For Silver
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  SILVER priced in major FIAT currencies is getting ready for a synced, historical 12-year trend line breakout.

Silver Priced In Euros On The Cusp Of Major Breakout

Silver Priced In British Pounds On The Cusp Of Major Breakout

Silver Priced In Canadian Dollars On The Cusp Of Major Breakout

Silver Priced In Australian Dollars On The Cusp Of Major Breakout

King World News note:  Remain focused on the big picture during periods of volatility in gold and silver. Use major takedowns in the paper markets to purchase physical gold and silver. Continue trading in fiat money for real money and relax.

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