One thing you can count on in 2024; expect market distortions to get much worse from here.

Expect Things To Get Much Worse
May 7 (King World News) – Gregory Mannarino, writing for the Trends Journal:  MMRI, Mannarino Market Risk Indicator. Free and available to everyone at
Back on 10-19-2023, the MMRI topped out at 329.2, its all time high with regard to market risk. (See circled area on the image below). On that day, the DJIA fell 250 points, with the other major averages also lower. In the run up to the MMRI peaking, the stock market/DJIA suffered a series of losses after topping out at 37,710.

From the time that the DJIA topped out at 37,710, with the MMRI hitting a high of 329.2, the DJIA lost 4,296 points—A loss of 11.39 percent.

Again recently, as the MMRI crossed above 300/Red Zone/Extreme risk, the major stock market averages performed poorly/suffered losses.

Just this past week we heard from World Control, AKA, The Federal Reserve, who made it VERY clear to the market that rate cuts/more easy money is coming. With that, the MMRI has CRATERED, falling from a Red Zone/Extreme Risk high of 309.2 to an Amber Zone/High Risk 294.3…

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I fully expected that the Fed would start cutting rates as soon as this June; however, the probability of a June cut has dropped.

Why? Inflation according to their own numbers continues to surge, more so than every single projection from the Federal Reserve. 

(Do you find it at all perplexing that the Fed has gotten EVERY SINGLE ONE of their inflation projections wrong?) The FACT is this; the Fed has been DELIBERATELY misleading, feeding false information to the public. 

The current probability of a June rate cut is now at 30 percent.

For July it rises to 45 percent, August 65 percent, and for September 85 percent.

With the upcoming Fed rate cuts, YOU can expect MASSIVE AND CONTINUING price action distortions across the spectrum of asset classes to persist. (The mechanism of suppressed rates drives cash into risk assets/stocks inflating a bubble). The coming VAST expansion of debt should be enough to inflate the stock market far beyond its already a HYPER-bubble state. 

You can also expect currency devaluation/loss of purchasing power to worsen.

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