When it comes to the world of central planning one thing is certain, central banks are fostering an extinction level event.

Central Banks Are Fostering An Extinction Level Event
August 23 (King World News) – Gregory Mannarino writing for the Trends Journal:  U.S. mortgage rates here in the United States have just risen to their highest level in 21 years. Meanwhile, despite all the talk about how raising rates would somehow tame inflation, and that it was just temporary, and even transitory, inflation continues to rise. Moreover, by the Fed’s own admission, “inflation continues to outpace every projection they have made.” Moreover and overall, food inflation continues to outpace everything else. With energy inflation a close second. 

The fact is this. The Fed. along with every other central bank, has absolutely no interest whatsoever to contain or stop inflation. 


It should now be clear to everyone as to the REAL reason why the Fed., along with the European Central Bank and The Bank of England have been raising rates. These institutions are in the process of fostering a global middle-class extinction level event. Effectively cutting off the availability of credit to small businesses and putting ever increasing pressure on an already struggling middle class…

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Cutting off the availability of credit to small businesses fulfills the corporate agenda, effectively stopping any competition. As for a middle-class with depleted savings and extreme debt obligations-they become slave’s dependent on the system and are effectively pushed down to the lower rung of society. This central bank mechanism is creating a neo-feudal system on an unprecedented scale. 

Make no mistake about it—this is deliberate and by design. Today, worldwide homelessness is at its highest level in history, a terrible trend which will get much worse moving forward. Currently here in the U.S., a staggering 69 percent of working families are living paycheck to paycheck—existing just ONE paycheck away from homelessness.

By accident? A recent study by the Federal Reserve demonstrated that American Citizens have nearly depleted their savings AND are now carrying their largest debt burdens IN HISTORY.

Effective March 15, 2020, the Federal Reserve reduced the reserve requirement for depository institutions, (banks), to ZERO. Having a zero-reserve requirement has allowed the overall money supply to hyper-balloon. Economics 101 dictates that an inflating money supply is itself massively inflationary. If the Fed. was serious about containing inflation, all they would have to do is raise the now ZERO reserve requirement back to a fractional reserve system, and inflation would reverse.

Looking ahead.

The mechanism outlined above has a slip knot, which is getting ever tighter, around the necks of a quickly vanishing middle-class on a global level. Make no mistake, this is an extermination.

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