Here is how the elite have decided to deal with the full-blown worldwide liquidity crisis, and it is incredibly dangerous.

Nothing Is What It Appears To Be
October 18 (
King World News) – Gregory Mannarino, writing for the Trends Journal:  Today in this twisted environment nothing is what it appears to be, question everything.

At its core the world right now is in a full-blown liquidity crisis, that is, cash is drying up very rapidly. In order to keep the world financial system liquid, events like war, and expanding wars, are started deliberately! Repeated warnings are always ignored.

No other endeavor on Earth generates more need for borrowed dollars to be pulled into the system than WAR.

Understanding that there is no nation which exists on the planet who has a “war chest,” the question is, where does the cash come from to finance war(s)? IT COMES DIRECTLY FROM CENTRAL BANKS! Who are more than happy to lend, and who also finance both sides.

As much as the world population has no idea, the world today is NOT governed by Presidents, Kings, Queens, Monarchs, or even Dictators. It is ruled collectively by central banks. It is central banks who control the world economy, the world financial markets, and the world financial system. It is also these central banks who deliberately foster war to fulfill their endgame…

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Every central bank on Earth has but ONE goal, an “endgame,” which is to be the lender and buyer of last resort. TO OWN THE WORLD.

All central banks collectively have but one product, ONLY ONE! And that is their ability to issue debt… DEBT IS THE ONE AND ONLY PRODUCT OF EVERY SINGLE CENTRAL BANK ON THE PLANET. And the more debt any central bank can issue, or is called on to issue by politicians, the stronger they become.

Why is it that global debt never goes down? Why is it that global debt today is skyrocketing at its fastest pace ever?

Just to put this into perspective, U.S. debt is rising at $40 billion PER DAY! And at the current pace the U.S. will add $1 trillion in Federal debt every 45 days.

War, expanding wars, which require astronomical amounts of debt to be borrowed into the system will have much the same effect on world stock markets as central bank quantitative easing. A problem which will lead to much greater price distortions across the spectrum of assets—and set the stage for much higher inflation.

War also serves another diabolical purpose; it is a GREAT DIVIDER. And the effect of war(s) reaches far beyond the battlefield. The principal mechanism by which the few have extorted control over the many since time immemorial is by keeping people divided.

War is a deception, a lie, a mechanism to put man against his brother. War is the product of central banks.

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