With the war in the gold and silver markets continuing to rage, today one of the wealthiest and most street-smart pros in the business told King World News that fortunes will be made in the gold and silver bull markets.

Rick Rule:  “I think it’s completely fair to say that we are now in a bull market in gold….

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Rick Rule continues:  Your readers and listeners are going to have to understand that bull markets consolidate.  And the idea that this markets could fall a little bit before it rises again is normal and natural.  And it’s also important that people understand that we are in the early stages of a secular bull market, so it’s important not to get shaken out of it.”

Eric King:  “Rick, fortunes will be made in this next leg of the secular bull market in gold.  Can you talk about that and the opportunities you see?”

Rick Rule:  “You are absolutely right that fortunes will be made by the few who pay attention…To continue listening to the extraordinary KWN audio interview with Rick Rule CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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