With the price of gold and silver holding near the key psychological levels of $1,200 and $15 respectively, it appears hard assets are about to be in vogue once again.

Hard Assets To Be Back In Vogue?
August 14
 (King World News)The chart below was sent to KWN by a Chairman & CEO in the gold mining sector:

Although this chart has made the rounds, it is extremely important…

To see the symbol for the only gold explorer in the world with no debt and a
massive treasury that has seen insiders buy more than 3 million shares
in the open market in the past few months


What is really remarkable is the fact that the prices of commodities relative to the S&P 500 are now at their lowest level in history, breaking below the previous low set in the early 1970s.  When you look at the “Buy” and “Sell” points on the chart above, it illustrates the wealth transfers that take place as hard assets come into favor.  Gold and silver also experience very large advances in coming years as each of the “Buy” points trigger.

For those of you that accumulate physical gold and silver on a regular basis, take advantage of this weakness to add to your physical holdings.  For those that are looking to accumulate shares of the high-quality mining companies, use this final weakness to add to your positions.  We are seeing a major bottom in the gold market and patient investors will be extremely well-rewarded for their patience.

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