Here is a trip down the rabbit hole of the “everything bubble,” Russia, BRICS, the US dollar and gold.

Email From A KWN Reader
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– Email from KWN reader George C:
  It is not Iran or any other country that has threatened the hegemony of the US dollar of late.  The US did that all by itself, when the Biden administration weaponized the dollar against Russia.  I think Gerald Celente made that point himself.  Why would any nation trust that the same thing could not happen to them?

I’m no economist, but unlike the cadre of academics continually running the Federal Reserve (read FED UP by Danielle DiMartino Both), I have run businesses, had to make payroll, keep cashflow positive, control spending, keep a positive balance sheet, and convince customers I was giving them value for the money they paid my company.  Few or none of them have. 

I do not believe Janet Yellen, current Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and a former head of the FED, has run a “for profit” business either.  She and her peers seem to be consumed with studying economic theory, rather than living real life economics.

At the same time she and Powell are trying to convince they are giving us a good value in the dollars we are forced to hold…

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The world already knows that the US often drums up fictional reasons for their invasions, as was proved in one example after Pres George Bush invaded Iraq in 2003, and “no weapons of mass destruction” were found there.  The real reason was more on the lines of what Mannarino is talking about now: Saddam Hussein was opening an oil Bourse that would sell oil for Euros instead of dollars, and that was a threat to the dollar, so he had to be stopped.

But the world scene is quite different now.  Since the weaponizing of the dollar vs Russia, trust in the dollar and the US is gone.  Close to 30 countries with over 50% of the world’s GDP are very interested in the BRICS+ Trading potential, outside the control of the US government.  Your website, every gold and silver dealer in America, and everyone buying products from them is interested in the exact same thing.  

What he says about war causing a drop in Bond yields resulting in an ultimate boost to the stock market… That’s beyond my economic understanding.  Maybe that could happen, but from my perspective that is irrelevant, because there is little connection between the stock market today and real life, with average Americans struggling to feed, clothe, and keep a roof over their head.  I think stock charts showed a big run up in stock prices before the Great Depression started.

More than stock prices, how many companies are announcing layoffs?  Didn’t UPS just say they were laying off 12,000 because of the huge drop in parcels being delivered?  Haven’t Amazon, Microsoft, Citi Group, Google, Xerox, State Street, and other big names have done the same? ( )

The Magnificent 6 or 7, those Trillion dollar companies, have kept the NASDAQ going to all time highs, but the Russel 2000 is nowhere near its highs.  That’s a view of the real economy.  That means commerce in general is slowing down.  Even if government spending keeps some people busy, isn’t that just adding to the unsustainable $34 Trillion national debt?  The national debt interest alone is costing more than the US military budget.  Doesn’t that mean US dollars will lose more value faster?  I don’t want more dollars.  I want things that won’t lose value.

Thanks for an informative website.

George C

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