Here is a look at the gold and silver wall of worry, regarding mining stocks copper vs interest rates, inflation and more inflation!

Gold & Silver Wall Of Worry
May 4 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden: 
“As said, when a bull market is for real, you can not doubt it. The thing is of course to be able to tell if it is real. If you do not believe in the bull and can chart it correctly, one will doubt, and that is what makes the wall of worry and makes people overtrade, or miss it.”…

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for the gold market 

Regarding Mining Stocks
Graddhy out of Sweden:  GDX skipped the possible MA50 backtest. It simply just backtested the blue support line and then gapped up strong (currently 35.70). Stylish. I agree, why waste time? As said, direction is up. (See chart below).

GDX Already Surged From 34 To 36

Copper vs Interest Rates
Tom McClellan:
  Look at this chart of copper vs. TNX, and ask yourself this question: When these two disagree, which one usually ends up being right? (See chart below).

Copper (BLACK LINE) Says Expect Higher
Interest Rates (GREEN LINE)

The Daily Shot: 
Container shipping costs continue to surge. (See chart below).

Freight Costs Continue To Skyrocket

More Inflation
Jeroen Blokland:
  The Baltic Dry Index, once widely seen as a proxy for global growth and commodity demand, has risen more than 650% from its Covid low to the highest level in almost 11 years! (See chart below).

Baltic Shipping Index Highest Since 2010!

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