With the price of gold and silver surging along with stocks, investors need to get ready for another major move on the upside for precious metals.

Key Chart For Gold
November 13 (King World News) – James Turk:  Eric, h
ere’s an update of the December Gold chart that we discussed earlier this week. Importantly, support has held, which isn’t surprising.

Gold Holds Key Support And Begin To Surge

Every serious student of gold knows that Monday’s price plunge was contrived, just like dozens of other price plunges that have occurred over many years of price capping in the gold market by central planners. They also know that gold is undervalued at these levels, given the money printing going on at central banks around the globe. 

ALERT: Look For Serious Banking Problems
The fragility of the big banks because of economic setbacks caused by the pandemic is also becoming an important factor to buyers of gold and silver. The precious metals are money without any counterparty risk. I expect that there will be some serious banking problems becoming apparent in the weeks ands months ahead, and that will lead to even more buyers seeking the safety of owning physical gold and silver…

To listen to legend Ross Beaty discuss skyrocketing gold & silver, chaos
and collapse 

So when gold gets pushed around like it did on Monday and drops back into support, long-term accumulators of the metal open up their wallets. These guys are patient and are always there to buy physical gold and physical silver at a good price. They understand gold and avoid the paper products that only give exposure to the gold price, which of course comes with counterparty risk.

Gold Market Will Overrun Central Banks
We always have to keep in mind that markets are bigger than central banks or even groups of central banks working together. Central banks do get overrun from time-to-time. The reason this occurs is that they are always on the wrong side of the trade. It is happening again because central banks are betting against gold’s 5000-year history as money.

Within hours KWN will be releasing a very important audio interview discussing a shortage in the silver market and surprises to expect as the gold and silver markets take off to the upside. In the meantime…

To listen to this is incredibly powerful audio interview where Jon Case issued a dire warning about the US and discusses the fragility of the global financial system as well as massive bull markets in gold and silver CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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