On the heels of the continued selloff in the gold and silver markets, Michael Oliver says this is the gold number to avoid, plus much more.

Gold Number To Avoid
November 23 (King World News) – Michael Oliver, Founder of MSA Research:  MSA issued a number to avoid several months ago at $1709.  It was not triggered.  That same level, adjusted up for this month is $1753.7.  If seen it could spark sharp selloff…

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Gold & Silver Cycle Low
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
Gold & Silver are pushed down into a probable cycle low here, but miners are holding so far.

Don’t Be A Fool On Manufactured Gold Selloff
Fred Hickey:
  Anybody that gets stampeded out of positions by these hedge funds on a narrative that Powell is a “hawk” is a fool. This is the most irresponsible Fed in US history. Printed trillions of dollars. Inflation highest 31 years. Real rates more deeply negative since early 70s (gold bull market).

Gold’s Oversized Negative Reaction
Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank: 
Gold’s oversized negative reaction to yesterday’s Powell’s renomination primarily caused by the rapid build in speculative longs before, and especially after the US CPI shocker. Selling pressure will persist until it has been reduced.

Brace For Impact
Patrick Karim:
  Gold approaching collision with outer arc… Brace for impact!

Gold Approaching Collision With Outer (BLACK) Arc

Orwellian World
Thorstein Polest: 
“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” — George Orwell (1903-1950)

Pomboy Betting On Gold And Against The Fed
Stephanie Pomboy: 
The idea–being expressed in gold and the 10-yr– that Powell is somehow tough (or just tougher than Brainard would have been) is laughable on its face. I’ll place my wager right now that the Fed doesn’t complete its taper before it is ‘forced’ to reverse course.

The Hard Truth About Paper Money
Peter Brandt: 
Throughout history Central Banks/governments have attempted to inflate debt out of existence – that’s just beginning in the U.S. Germany tried it a hundred years ago The Reichs Mark was destroyed. Purchasing power of Gold held its value.

Also of importance…

Zacatecas Silver Initial Drilling Intersects Multiple High Grade Silver Zones in New Area!
Zacatecas Silver has a huge land position in one of the world’s most important regions for high grade silver. The Fresnillo Belt is reported to have produced more than 6.2 billion ounces of silver – 10% of the entire world’s production. Zacatecas Silver was able to assemble a big 78 square km land package right in the heart of this enviable address and in doing so was able to attract some of the world’s best silver investors as major backers. While still privately held, Zacatecas Silver announced that billionaire silver investor Eric Sprott was a shareholder of this small cap company led by a management team with a serious record of wealth creation in the precious metals space.

Huge Silver Hit Encountered in First Drilling
Today, Zacatecas Silver announced that its very first drill holes in a previously undrilled area of the project encountered multiple intervals of high-grade silver. One of these holes reported today, returned 823 g/t Silver Eq over 2.17m. While the high grade drill results today are impressive, it’s also important to note that according to today’s News Release, there are multiple additional mineralized intervals at the lab now with assay results pending.

Big Results Combined with Tight Share Structure
Zacatecas CEO Bryan Slusarchuk notes, “It’s great to see these high-grade silver assays and we are excited to see more assays imminently from the core in the lab now. While these holes are from a previously undrilled area of the property, we are also concurrently and separately working towards a resource update in the area within which a historic resource was reported. There is a lot going on right now and it’s a testament to our COO, Dr. Wilson and his team, that everything on the ground is being advanced so quickly. We have been a public company for a short period of time but are moving expediently in terms of drilling, exploration and resource confirmation. While Zacatecas has a big project and now some big assays, we have small share structure. We have purpose built the company to give shareholders the potential for real torque and while being well funded, have less than 53 million shares issued. If the technical team keeps delivering on the ground like this, we think the structure lends itself to big potential returns in the capital markets.”

The Right Team to Take Zacatecas Silver Forward
CEO Bryan Slusarchuk is the co-founder and former President of K92 Mining, which has grown from a micro-cap situation to a company approaching a C $2 billion market capitalization. Dr. Wilson, leading the charge technically, was formerly with mining behemoth Ivanhoe and was instrumental in putting this impressive land package together. The right project, people and an emerging silver market make this situation extremely compelling for early investors, especially as the market capitalization today is still small (less than C $60m). Also, management and employees own approximately 35% of Zacatecas Silver in addition to shares owned by other large investors including famous silver investor Eric Sprott. Zacatecas Silver, symbol ZAC in Canada.

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