The gold and silver bull markets are about to reassert themselves as one pro says, “People should expect [high inflation and] negative real rates for years to come.”

October 9 (King World News) – Eric King:  “Peter, the stagflation that you’ve been writing about, that 1970s time frame was so brutal for stocks. From 1966-1982 the Dow kind of wobbled between 500 and 1,000, people in bonds were completely destroyed, and yet gold and silver soared — 38 times higher in price for silver and 25 times higher for gold. We are in the early stages of seeing inflation start to skyrocket, but this stagflation we are in, ultimately, really should be great for gold and silver.”

Peter Boockvar:  “I believe it to the be the case, notwithstanding that holding it in 2021 was difficult having confidence that inflation was going to be a problem and the two best assets that should have been the beneficiary of that and they were not. It’s frustrating. But I don’t think people should give up. A lot of the selling over the past couple of months has been, ‘Okay, we have inflation, we get it, but the Fed’s going to take care of it. The Fed’s going to stamp it out and they’re going to taper. They’re going to raise rates and we won’t have an inflation problem. And you know what, they will be right that everything is transitory.’

Well, maybe so, but I’m taking the other side of that. Number one on the transitory argument and number two that the Fed is somehow going to get ahead of this curve. Because even if they announce the beginning of the taper in December, and let’s just say they even carry it out through July of next year at a $15 billion monthly pace, rates are still going to be zero at the end of the day. So this is only one piece of them dealing with this inflation story.

People should expect negative real rates for years to come, and that will, at some point gravitate investors back to gold and silver — two of the great protectors of wealth, particularly in an inflationary environment. And then at some point if you get…to continue listening to this urgent warning about the dangers of hyperinflation as well as a discussion on how to protect yourself and your family CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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