Veteran short seller Bill Fleckenstein spoke with King World News about the gold market and more.

“That’s What Markets Do”
November 2 (
King World News) – 
Eric King:  “Bill, we have mentioned that people are waiting for the next shoe to drop in the gold market because of that six year bear market and the (psychological) conditioning that’s gone on there.  It still feels that there is a lot of fear in the gold market, but I guess you are climbing a wall of worry in this bull market in that sense, aren’t you?”

Bill Fleckenstein:  “Yeah, that’s what markets do.  They train you one way, and then after you’ve been good and trained, then the market trend shifts.  And you use the rules that worked on the upside on the downside and then you get hurt.  And then they train you, ‘Okay, I’ve got to do this,’ and then a bull market starts and you use the rules that you learned in the bear market in the bull market and then it doesn’t work.  And that’s just part of the experience of what you have to learn.  The difference between today and when you look back 20 years or any other 20 year period you could…To continue listening to the KWN audio interview with Bill Fleckenstein where he discusses the gold market at length, what to watch in the stock market and much more CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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