Despite today’s pullback, the gold war has been heating up…this is truly remarkable…

The Gold Rush Heats Up
July 19 (
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Holger Zschaepitz:  “The Gold rush heats up as Sub-Zero yields spread and the precious metal, once mocked for its lack of yield and practical use, offers something the growing pile of negative-yielding bonds doesn’t. Ray Dalio cites gold as a haven in markets paradigm shift. (See chart below).

Gold Rush Heats Up As Gold Breaks Out Decisively

Bullish For Gold
Peter Schiff: 
“UMich consumer inflation expectations just hit a 3-year high. While consumers are correct to expect more inflation, traders are wrong to sell gold on the news. The Fed will ease despite rising consumer prices, stoking the inflation fire. Higher inflation is bullish for gold.”

Jeroen Blokland:  “US Value stocks have lagged US Growth stocks by a whopping 40% since 2008. (See chart below).

CONTRARIAN ALERT: Investors Have Given Up On Value Stocks

Hi-Ho Silver
Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Society Generale:
  “This week, the ratio between the Russell 3000 Index and silver fell below its 200-day moving average, In our view, this is a clear sign investors are shifting into asset classes which benefit more substantially from global central bank rate cuts. (See chart below).

Investors Shifting Asset Classes: Out Of Stocks, Into Hard Assets Such As Silver

This Is Remarkable: Gold & Silver Crushing Stocks
Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Society Generale, continues: 
“Since the Fed’s Dovish Shift in late May 

GDX Gold Miners: +40%
SIL Silver Miners: +33%
GLD Gold: +14%
SLV Silver: +14% 

SPY S&P 500: +8%
IWM Russell: +6% 

From the moment the Fed caved on rate cuts, precious metals and miners have crushed US equities. When someone tells you, “don’t fight the Fed”, don’t buy stocks, Buy silver and gold.”

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