With the Dow and Nasdaq trading lower while crude oil and gold rally, formerly vocal gold bears are in hiding, a world of bubbles, plus the road to $1,800 gold.

Formerly Vocal Gold Bears Are In Hiding
August 9 (
King World News)
Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Society Generale:  “Choice: Gold or Negative Yield? With $6T of global debt in negative yield territory, formerly very vocal gold bears are in hiding.”

Who Needs A Credit Check?
Sven Henrich: 
“Do we still need credit checks and proofs of income? I mean, if the bank is paying me, maybe I should credit check them.”

A World Of Bubbles
Sven Henrich:
  It Is Different This Time
2000: FOMO chase 100 forward multiples in Nasdaq cause we will be richly rewarded
2007: FOMO chase homes to flip with variable rate mortgages cause we will be richly rewarded
2019: FOMO chase that 100 year bond cause we will get a negative return. Yay!

Gold vs Berkshire Hathaway
Charlie Bilello:  “Returns over Last 20 Years… Berkshire Hathaway: +387% Gold: +488% (see below).

Gold Is Outperforming Berkshire Hathaway Over The Last 20 Years

This Will Accelerate Surge In Gold Price
Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:
  “Momentum to the topside on Gold still looks strong and we retain our minimum target around $1,700 (if not an extension towards $1,800). Some consolidation around good resistance at $1,522-$1,527 is possible. However a break through this range should see the rally accelerate again. (See below).

ROAD TO $1,800 GOLD: Rise In The Price Of Gold Will Accelerate After Breaking $1,530

Astonishing Look At The Gold Market, Plus Jaw-Dropping Moves
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