Will this really unfold? The call for a terrifying stock market collapse where they have to halt trading.

June 30 (King World News) – Eric King:  “Bill, I was looking at the writings of Richard Russell, who was such an amazing human being, and so much wisdom since 1958 when he started writing Dow Theory Letters.  And I was hoping he could get us through this cycle, but he talked about the fact that so many people thought we were topping in the stock market.  And he began to discuss over and over about a coming third phase (mania) where stocks would skyrocket.  And he was right.  We really did go into that parabola (it was a remarkable prediction).

So then I wanted to go back and review how he thought it would end, and KWN released something from him about that where he was talking about almost a vacuum in the stock market, where stocks would gap down 1,000 points or more and there would be this collapse and they would have to halt trading.”

Bill Fleckenstein:  “Well, you know that I feel that the market cannot decline in any sort of gentlemanly or mild manner.  It’s going to be violent because of the structure.  If he (Richard Russell) was here today and he’d seen what he didn’t see because he passed away, he’d be more confident than ever that that prediction of his was going to come true I would think.”

Eric King:  “I know you read Richard Russell’s writings over the years, and I’ve never asked you about him, but your thoughts on Richard Russell, such as amazing human being and such remarkable market commentary.”

Bill Fleckenstein:  “In most market cycles, experience counts for a lot.  And the crazier the market cycle is…To continue listening to the powerful KWN audio interview with Bill Fleckenstein CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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