Today Gerald Celente discussed why the equity market crash will impact everyone in the world.

Eric King:  “Gerald, it seems quite clear that the Fed doesn’t want to raise rates.  They’ve been saying they are going to raise rates for years.  It never happens, and yet we have all this propaganda hitting the wire in the mainstream media…

Eric King continues:  “But there was the suggestion made that the global stock markets would be thrown under the bus because if the markets were tumbling that would assist in pushing the bond market higher (and yields lower) to help the Fed — your thoughts on that.”

Gerald Celente:  “If the equity markets collapse, that’s what really hits the average consumer.  It’s not that it hits their pockets because they are not in the game, but it’s the psychological impact of crashing markets.  So they (central planners) can’t affordTo continue listening to the incredible audio interview with the top trends forecaster in the world, Gerald Celente, where he discusses the failure of the elite’s propaganda machine, what to expect from the gold and silver markets as the global unwind accelerates, and where he also gives KWN listeners a peak at what surprises to expect for the rest of the year CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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KWN Celente mp3 9:26:2015

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