On the heels of a another all-time high in stocks, here is a look at global trade worries, the Fed will not stop, plus gold, silver, and the best performing commodity in 2020.

Global Trade Worries
August 24 (
King World News)
Adam Tooze, Director of European Institute: 
So far the collapse in world trade has not been as bad as some feared. But the signs are that there may be worse to come. (See below).

Outlook For Global Trade Looks Worrisome

The Fed Will Not Stop
Sven Henrich: 
“The Fed will not stop until the top 1% own everything.”…

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Best Performing Commodity In 2020
Adam Tooze, Director of European Institute: 
Best performing commodity in 2020? Gold and silver? How about lumber. Prices up 104% Despite being one of the world’s largest commodities by usage and production market is thin with limited global trade. Price spike is squeezing construction in US. (See below).

Not Gold Or Silver. It’s Lumber!

Cannot Possibly Be Sustained
King World News – Lumber prices cannot possibly be sustained at current levels but for the time being, none of that matters in the “everything bubble.”

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Tesla & Gold, Plus Stock Market Euphoria
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